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What defines quality Property Management service?

What defines quality Property Management service?

What defines a quality property management service? This really does depend on what is important to each individual, but this is a good guide on what to expect from a quality and professional property management company.



Excellent Communication 

You should expect regular communication with your property manager. This ensures that you know exactly what is happening at your property and you know that your property manager is working on your behalf.


Low Tenant Arrears 

When looking for a professional property manager it is important to find out what their arrears rate is in their portfolio. Harcourts Just Rentals arrears rate sits around 0.87% of our total portfolio which is very impressive and is a good example of how important it is to us that our tenants pay their rent on time every week.


Low Vacancy Rate

A low vacancy rate is very important when it comes to owning an investment property as the longer your property is vacant the more money you lose, and it is very hard to make up for lost rent. Have you asked your property management company what their vacancy rate is?


Excellent Tenant Selection 

While low vacancy rate is important choosing the right tenants is vital for ensuring your property investment runs smoothly. Harcourts Just Rentals ensures that we choose the best tenant for each property. This minimises our arrears rate and also keeps our owners and the properties neighbours very happy.


Audited Trust Account 

Harcourts Just Rentals runs an audited trust account ensuring that everything is transparent when it comes down to the financial side of things. 


Regular and Thorough Routine Inspections 

How often do you inspect your investment property? It is important that you meet the obligations your insurance company stipulates in regard to inspections. Harcourts Just Rentals conducts regular quarterly routine inspections as well as an initial six-week tenant check. After each inspection, you will be sent an inspection report with photographs.


Keep the Rent in line with the Current Market 

It is very important to ensure that your property’s rent is kept inline with the current market. Harcourts Just Rentals ensures that our properties have regular rent reviews so that our owners are getting the best return on their investment.


Ensuring Lease Renewals are kept of top of

Fixed-term tenancies are becoming more popular with our landlords and tenants because it is good security for both parties ensuring that tenants do not have to move as often. The team at Harcourts Just Rentals ensures that we keep in regular communication with our landlords about the type of lease they would like their tenant on.


Property Maintenance is up to date 

Ensuring that your property’s maintenance is kept on top of is very important when it comes to keeping a good tenant and ensuring that your property’s value is always at the top of market. Our Asset Managers are fantastic at alerting our owners to the required maintenance needed at their property.  


Keeping up with Regulations and new Laws

The team at Harcourts Just Rentals are always training and upskilling to ensure we are at the top of our game when it comes to the changes that are happening in the property management industry. This ensures that our landlords are well protected and informed.


Do you have an investment property that you are currently looking after yourself and you are finding it difficult to keep up with all the changes the Government is putting into place? Would you like to see what the team at Harcourts Just Rentals could do to make property investing a breeze for you? Then please do not hesitate to give us a call for a confidential chat.