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Should you Meth Test Your Investment Property?

Should you Meth Test Your Investment Property?

Methamphetamine really is the big elephant in the room with landlords and tenants. The big question is whether you should you meth test your property or not. There are so many opinions on this matter and it always promotes healthy discussions!  I thought I would share our stance on meth and rental properties to help you to make an informed decision for your rental property.


If you are looking to purchase an investment property we strongly recommend that you get a meth test before going unconditional otherwise you may find yourself having to remedy a contaminated house which is not a cheap task. 


We also recommend to our owners to get their property/ies meth tested before a tenant moves in however we do not enforce it as it the landlord’s prerogative at the end of the day. You are perhaps wondering why we recommend our landlords to get their property meth tested before the tenant moves in. Below are a few reasons why we believe it is important to meth test properties.  



We are finding more often than not that if there is no baseline test done before a tenant moves in and should the property then be tested at a later date showing positive meth results, it could be that your insurance company may refuse to cover the claim. I would advise checking with your insurance company to find out what their requirements are for the policy on your home to ensure you have cover should the inevitable happen.



If the owner decides to get the property meth tested it is something you can put in the advert and also let the potential tenants know when they come to view the property. Often this will help attract a better calibre tenant and perhaps put off tenants who could have an interest in Methamphetamine.


There is also a large risk should you choose not to meth test a property before a tenant moves in and then the tenant decides to get the house meth tested – should the test come back positive you may find yourself responsible to find the tenant alternate accommodation, full refund of rent, and the replacement of their personal effects.


 Health Reasons:

There is a big difference between living in a house where someone smoked methamphetamine and living in a house that was used to manufacture the drug, National Poisons Centre toxicologist Dr Leo Schep says


“People living in a laboratory environment risk suffering adverse cardiovascular, respiratory and dermal effects following the exposure to organic solvents, acids, alkalis and other chemicals. However, people dwelling in a house where previous tenants had smoked methamphetamine, and where previous tenants had smoked methamphetamine, and there is some evidence of low concentrations on surfaces, have minimal risks of toxicity”


“The risks would be similar for people who live in a house that had previous dwellers who smoked cigarettes or marijuana. They will have exposure to these drugs but the concentrations will not be sufficiently high enough to cause either psychoactive or toxic effects to people who may have had inadvertent, and brief, dermal contact with these surfaces. Sourced from Stuff Article


If you are thinking of having property meth tested but are unsure of which company you should use please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.