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What to know about property inspections...

Property inspections are conducted for one of three reasons. They are either a property check-in inspection prior to rental, a routine tenancy inspection, which occurs regularly throughout the tenancy to ensure property maintenance or a bond inspection at the end of the tenancy to make sure all of the bond return requirements are met. 

For routine inspections, the property manager notifies the tenants at least four days in advance. It is not necessary for the tenant to be present at an inspection however it is expected that the property will be clean, presentable and tidy. 

If you have any concerns with your property, please notify your property manager prior to the inspection so they can be considered. 

We will be looking for: 
  • Leaks in or under any sinks, basins, showers and pipes 
  • Congestion or problems with appliances like the stove and oven 
  • Each room for general wear-and-tear and condition 
  • Signs of mildew or mould in wet areas and window sills 
  • Rust in any kitchen appliances 
  • General condition of the garden and outdoor areas 

If there are any follow-up actions on the property regarding the maintenance your property manager will advise you within 48 hours after the inspection.