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Bonds & rent

Managing your bond and paying rent


Prior to moving into the rental property, you will be required to pay a tenant bond as part of your tenancy agreement. This is a fee equivalent to four weeks of rent. The bond is used to cover any damage repair costs, cleaning costs or gardening costs that arise throughout the tenancy. 

At the end of the tenancy, if the full bond has not been used, it will be returned to you. 
The bond is not held by the landlord or the property manager but by the Bond Centre, an organisation part of the Department of Building and Housing. The Bond Centre monitors your bond ledger and records whether it is used or not to ensure the tenant receives the correct bond amount at the end of the tenancy. Once the landlord transfers the bond to the Bond Centre, the tenant will receive a claim form, bond receipt and bond number that they can use to claim the bond back. 

Bond is paid to our office prior to handing over the keys for the property. To ensure you receive your bond back you will need to ensure everything on the ‘moving out checklist’ has been completed. To view this, click here

Rent is paid to the Harcourts Just Rentals Trust Account either electronically or manually. The first week of rent is due seven (7) days after your tenancy begins. You can choose to pay either weekly, fortnightly or monthly in advance. It is important that you always pay rent on the due date. If it is due on a weekend, you must make the payment no later than the prior Friday afternoon to ensure it is received on time.